SPEAKER Profile: Stuart Henry

(1) People (2) Teams (3) Change (4) Direction (5) Nonsense

Stuart Henry is an inspirational storyteller who combines natural humour with his diverse experience to deliver insightful and engaging keynotes.

He is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and businesses to plot their path and enabling them to exceed their expectations. His natural, innovative big picture approach can be distilled into simple steps that allow people and teams to contribute to the success of the overall business.

Regardless of his formal roles, his focus has always been on people, and he is absolutely committed to helping people and teams to become better versions of themselves.

He speaks with clarity, insight, and passion about how people’s values and behaviours impact those around them and how simple, subtle changes can radically improve teamwork and outcomes. If there’s one thing Stuart would like to share with you it’s his absolute belief that everything could be so much easier if we all just cut through the noise and avoid the nonsense.