SPEAK & Grow

What To Expect From Our Programme…

There are 3 stages to this 12 month programme that are incorporated to take our clients from novice public speakers to polished, competent and inspirational orators.

Stage One

The first stage of our programme commences with a week-long residential stay in a beautiful hotel located in the UK. Your stay will include full board, and throughout the week you will have access to industry guest speakers delivering Masterclasses, including topics such as:

The Art of Storytelling, Performance & Comedy

Psychology of How Your Beliefs Define Your Fee

Branding, Positioning and Marketing

Sales and Monetising Your Existing Network 

Stage TWO

The second stage of the programme gains you access to an invitation only exclusive Mastermind group. Essentially this membership is a 12 month peer-to-peer learning and mentoring where we will help you navigate through the many potential pitfalls.


The third stage of our programme provides you with every tool necessary to create a successful career in Keynote Speaking. For every person who attends our programme, we will help you to unlock your own networks and also open up new and existing industries to provide consistent speaking opportunities.

There are numerous paths to becoming a Keynote Speaker and we believe that our 20 year experience of the industry, sharing our insights with some of the biggest corporations on the planet will give you the strategy to fast track to being a competent, polished, professional and more importantly, a successful Keynote Speaker. Are You Ready To Share Your Story & Become A World-Class Keynote Speaker?