Nicky Forster


(1) Goal Setting, (2) Communication, (3) Teamwork
& Leadership, (4) Motivation, (5) Resilience

With over 700 games and 200 goals, Nicky’s career as a professional footballer expands far beyond most players career statistics, an achievement he put down to a driven focus and internal motivation to succeed regardless of external stressors and influences. During his career, setting and scoring goals were both a daily and seasonal part of his professional life and he now draws on these experiences to deliver Keynote talks and workshops on Goal Setting, Resilience, Motivation, Communication, Teamwork & Leadership. 

In a world overloaded by too much information and noise, Nicky is passionate about simplifying all aspects of personal and professional development, for both individuals and companies. He spends time working internationally with companies, leaders and teams helping them to develop strategies in today’s ever-changing business landscape to achieve growth and reach success. Willing to share his personal journey, highs and lows and the lessons learned, these messages are vital for building winning cultures and to strengthen the core message of your organisation.

Nicky’s services include 45 minute Keynote Talks, ½ Day/Full Day Workshops and Mentoring Programs.