Pre & Post Game Routines

Pre & Post Game Routines


The importance of pre-game and post-game routines

They might sound fancy or complicated, but a pre-game routine is just a way to get you into the right mindset to perform your best. It is doing those habits that allow you to know that you are ready to perform. An ideal pre-game routine will help you to remove any distractions, and allow you to focus on the game, and what you need to do – perform.

GPU Habits: Pre & Post Game

Create your own pre-game routine:

Now that you have seen how a small distraction can cause you to lose focus and affect your performance – what kind of things would be on your own personal distraction list? We have included in your kitbag a pre-game routine and post-game routine template and checklist.

Your Kit bag | Tool no: 5

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Notice that there are 5 sections to your pre-game routine template: 

  • 48 hrs before a game
  • 24 hours before a game
  • The night before a game
  • 2 hours prior to a game
  • Goals for the game

Listen to paul on the importance of these routines:

The 48 hrs before a game are crucial to ensure that you have the right rest and nutrition. But, equally important to making sure that your bags are packed and ready… is having set GOALS! To perform at your best, you need to be continually trying to improve, and you need to set goals to reach and aim for. So, let’s discuss goal setting!