Keep a Wellness Journal



Obviously, there are lots of benefits to participating in sport – physically and mentally.
But there can also be negative parts of sports:

Losing games can be disappointing

not getting along with a coach or teammate can be really hard on self esteem and make you feel sad or anxious

you will have disagreements with teammates & your competition this can make you feel angry & frustrated

injuries can be difficult to deal with. you may feel angry and upset about being injured of missing out

when you don’t get selected to play you may feel angry, upset or even jealous of your team

you may have a fear about competing which over time can lead to a lot of stress if you don’t deal with It

Listen to Paul DIscuss hIS own disappointments:

create your own wellness journal:

  • Thoughts and feelings on who you have encountered or worked with that day
  • Things that happened that made you happy
  • Things that you are grateful and thankful for
  • People in your life that you are thankful for
  • List the reasons that you love playing soccer
  • List something about yourself that you like – that isn’t related to soccer!

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