What Is Mental Performance

What Is Mental Performance?


Aside from the obvious physical aspect of playing soccer, your mental state is arguably the most important part of your game. At most stages of development, the majority of soccer players are technically and physically the same – so what will give you the edge over your opponent?

You can be the strongest, fastest and most skilful player on the soccer field, but if you don’t have the mental skills, and the ability to quickly adapt your behaviour to stressful or unexpected situations – you likely won’t be able to perform at your best.

However, improving your mental performance is developed through hours and hours of mental preparation and mental training. Just like skills and drills – mental performance has to be practiced. Some people think that performance is the result of 10% physical effort, 90% mental effort. Some believe it is 50%/50%, and others believe it is closer to 1% physical effort and 99% mental effort. Regardless… your mentality and mental performance is a HUGE part of your performance.

Need more convincing that working on your mental game is just as important as your physical game?

Hear it from some of the game’s top players:

NOw let’s hear from paul on his experience in performance

But you don’t have to be a professional soccer player (or even want to be one) to benefit from being mentally tough. In fact, learning how to become mentally strong and resilient can help you with your soccer NOW. And if you decide you want to become a professional athlete down the line, you will be better prepared.