Good Habits vs. Bad Habits

Good Habits vs. Bad Habits


In this lesson of Get Psyched Up, we discuss habits and how establishing good habits and routines are crucial to improving performance and getting mentally ready to perform. This lesson aligns with both ‘Thinking’ and ‘Performing’ in our Performance model.

Have you ever watched a professional soccer player prepare for a game or a training session? Each athlete is different, but almost every athlete has their own pre-game routine, post-game routine, or even prep for a training session.

It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to create a habit, and through this process you will go through 4 stages of learning before you create a truly automatic habit.

The 4 stages of learning (aka creating habits):

Our brain is a highly complex system that can go from not knowing how to do something, to allowing you to do it without having to actively think about it.

Take for example tying your shoes…