Course Overview


In this course, we are going to walk you through 7 core lessons on sport psychology and get you geared up and ‘kitted out’- we will provide you with a kitbag of tools and techniques to help you along the way.

We use our bespoke ‘Get PSYCHED Up’ framework to teach you about how psychology helps increase your sport performance, how to use your personal game and training stats to objectively understand whether you are improving or not, and how to build your confidence. We also teach you how to make sure that your mental wellbeing and health is not linked to how you perform, that how you feel is just as important as how you play.

Then we discuss how to set goals and create habits that will help you to improve your performance and mental wellbeing. Finally, we provide you with the tools to identify and manage the range of emotions that you will feel both on and off the field, and how to develop meaningful and useful relationships with your teammates, coaches, friends and family.

In each of these 7 sections, we will also highlight which of the four sections of our Performance Model each lesson aligns to.

As you just saw, there are a lot more factors involved in Thinking, Feeling and Performing than there are to Achieving. That’s because we don’t believe that you are able to achieve without making sure that the first three areas have been fine-tuned. You don’t need to be perfect, but spending time focused on those three areas will help you to achieve or succeed.