Anxiety and Stress

anxiety & stress


When we are anxious or stressed about a situation, we are not ourselves. Stress can cause us to be angry and irritable with those around us and can have negative effects on our health.

Anxiety (whether it is caused by sport, or by something else in your life), can lead to increased stress and over a long time, anxiety can cause depression (a constant low mood).

Sometimes sport might be the cause of our stress and anxiety (performance, arguments with the team, being selected, whether the coach ‘likes’ you, etc), but other events in our lives can also cause stress and anxiety.

GPU Emotion: Anxiety

So What Can We Do?

It is important to find ways to combat stress and anxiety so that we can improve our mental health. We may not be able to control what is happening around us, but we CAN control how we respond.

In your ‘kitbag’ are two more tools to use to help you combat stress and anxiety.

  • A mindful breathing guide
  • A visualization guide