Emma Wiggs

SPEAKER Profile: Emma Wiggs

(1) Attitude, (2) Performance Mindset, (3) Teamwork, (4) Goal Setting, (5) Adversity

  Emma was a hugely active child and teenager who set her sights on a career in teaching. Whilst taking a Gap year in Australia she contracted a virus which damaged her neurological system leaving her with life changing consequences over night. She never lost focus and battled back to not only learning to live with her new circumstances but gaining her teaching degree. It was when she discovered Paralympic Sport that the real Emma emerged. 

Deciding to embrace her new life as a full time athlete and set about making the bits of her that did work the best they could be. This journey took her to the 2012 Paralympic Games with Sitting Volleyball before Paracanoe enabled her to reach her true potential, on the way to 2016 Paralympic Gold she smashed world title after world title. 

Her passion for the power of sport to change lives is palpable and her enthusiasm, focus and determined mindset make her truly an athlete who will continue to push boundaries, defy limitations & inspire all who come into contact with her. 

Emma is determined to use her successes from the sporting arenas & her passion for the outdoors to enable her to engage and interact with people to make positive changes to their lives and be happier and more successful, in particular young people, those struggling with mental health concerns and people who’s lives have been affect by life changing illness or injury.