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SPEAK E-zy | Online Learning

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What You Will Learn:

You will get an introduction to the key areas of Keynote speaking which are covered within our SPEAK acronym:

S torytelling: How to craft and adapt your life experiences and vignettes into relatable learnings for any audience.
P resence: How to say what you mean and mean what you say through your physical and physiological presence displaying confidence in your content.
E motion: How to convey emotion to take your audience on the journey with you showing your authentic self.
A udience: How to research your audience through scoping to ensure you meet your client’s objectives and set yourself up for success.
K nowledge: How to align your tacit knowledge and expertise with that of your client.


Each of the five areas have been designed to take approx. 30-60 mins each but can be paused and revisited to suit your schedule. As a guide, we say that the whole programme could be completed in total between 2.5 and 4 hours.


The module has been designed to enable you to travel through it at your own pace. It uses a blend of audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning to ensure a positive and engaging learning experience allowing for an increased level of information retention.


This module helps create an understanding of the skills required to become a world-class keynote speaker. A combination of videos, templates, written exercises, tests, tips and quizzes that will guide you through the modules alongside first-hand insights from experts in the fields of performance, neuroscience and comedy.