Do you know what mental performance is?

Did you know that you can use mental performance to help you be a better soccer player? Have you ever wanted to get an edge on your opponent or on the other team? Did you imagine yourself scoring a goal against them, or how you would outrun them on the field?

Maybe you thought about how to ignore them if they began to harass you in a game? Without knowing it, you were using aspects of mental performance. In fact, you were using parts of mental performance that are developed from sport psychology. Psychology is the study of your mind, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Sport psychology is the study of how these thoughts, feelings and behaviours affect your training and performance in sport.

In your case, how they affect your soccer performance.  

In this course, we are going to introduce you to the concept of mental performance, and how it can help you to become a better soccer player, a better teammate and help your overall mental health.

Your mental health is a big part of how you feel day to day.

Arguments with your parents, siblings or friends can affect your mental health and make you feel down or sad. A trip to your favourite amusement park or just hanging out and listening to music can make you feel happy and upbeat.

The same idea applies to sport. Each day and each experience that you have in sport can make you feel happy or sad, upbeat or down, frustrated and angry, or even nervous and afraid to play (a phenomenon known as ‘stage fright’). The science behind sport psychology gives you tools and techniques to help you deal with all of these emotions and situations, allowing you to be a better player on the field, and possibly even a happier person off the field and in life.