Believing In Yourself

Believing In Yourself


Do you struggle with confidence? Do you worry about what others are thinking of you? Do you feel like you aren’t good enough or deserving of playing time?

Developing and improving one’s confidence is the top concern of athletes from all sports, and one of the main reasons that athletes seek professional help with their mental preparation and toughness.

We have aligned this section on confidence with the “Thinking” and “Feeling” areas of our Performance Model because confidence is deeply rooted in how you interpret and allow other people’s thoughts to affect your own. Feeling confident is a direct result of how and what you think of yourself.

What else can you do to improve your confidence and become more self-belief?

Keep a success log

Just as you keep a wellness journal to track how you are feeling each day, keep track of all of your accomplishments and successes by writing them down. Sometimes when you are having a bad day, or feeling down, you can begin catastrophizing again. Remember that? That’s where you start to let negative thoughts spiral out of control, and it can affect your confidence.

To help combat this – we want you to remember all of the great things that you have accomplished, and to realise how amazing that is. Thinking about just one of your accomplishments or successes may not be enough – it can feel like a one-off incident. But when you have a whole list of successes and accomplishments in front of you – you can’t deny that you have value! We have included a template for your success log in your ‘kitbag’.

Nothing is too small to include in your success list, and it doesn’t have to be limited to just soccer:

Getting a good grade on a test or exam

Improving on a dribbling drill

Improving your sprint time by even a fraction

Completing your first ever header

Every shot that you score or save

Helping a friend with something

Creating an opportunity for your team

Each interception you make

Can you think of other successes that you’ve had?

Write it down!

As you continue to list your successes, remember to go back and read your previous successes. Sometimes we need a reminder of how great we are to boost our confidence.

N O T E : The point of creating a success list isn’t to go around telling everyone how good you are – it is for YOU – to help you maintain a healthy level of confidence and self-belief that you are no less than everyone else (and no greater than either!)